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Rollover Car Accident Attorneys in Chicago

SUVs are designed with a high center of gravity for road clearance and reduced weight for fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, some of these vehicles would have benefited from a wider wheel base because they have a tendency to roll over when taking sharp turns or making quick lane change maneuvers. Rollover accidents can result in severe or fatal injuries when passengers are thrown from the vehicle or suffer head injuries from a roof crush.

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Helping the Victims of SUV Rollovers

The rollover car accident lawyers at the Chicago law firm of Steinberg, Burtker & Grossman, move quickly to begin investigating your SUV rollover case, gathering evidence we can use to bolster your claim for financial recovery. For more than 40 years, we have been committed to getting results for people who have suffered injuries in Chicago.

If you were hurt in a rollover car accident, or a loved one was killed, contact our Chicago personal injury law firm online or call toll free (312) 401-4445 for a free consultation.

SUV Rollover Crash Facts

  • Motor vehicle accidents in which a vehicle rolled over accounted for more than half of all single-vehicle crash deaths. (NHTSA)
  • Vehicle rollover crashes are especially serious because they so often result in head injuries when the roof of the vehicle is crushed. Head trauma is the most frequent type of fatal and nonfatal injury in SUV rollovers. (NHTSA)
  • Injury victims who are thrown from a vehicle are much more likely to suffer severe injury — spinal cord injury, head injury — or death, than people who remain in the vehicle.
  • The rate of serious injury in passenger vehicle rollover crashes is 36 percent higher than in crashes where there is no rollover. (NHTSA)

You do not have to be driving fast or driving recklessly to cause a serious accident with an SUV. Nearly all SUV manufacturers have had lawsuits brought against them for poor design and failure to warn vehicle owners about the exact dangers involving these vehicles.

Begin Your Case as Quickly as Possible

Evidence is an important part of rollover SUV litigation. Preserving the evidence from alteration or destruction can be the difference between winning and losing your case.

The longer you wait to begin your serious car accident injury case, the more likely it is that important evidence will be altered or destroyed. As your Chicago SUV injury lawyers, we will put all of our years of experience and resources to work fighting for the compensation you deserve.

SUV Rollover Cases Are Handled on a Contingency Basis

We have the resources to invest in your case. We will not ask you for any payment unless we are successful in getting you compensation in your SUV rollover case.

Contact a Chicago SUV Injury Lawyer Today

Tell us about your SUV rollover case. Our car accident attorneys will tell you how we can help. Contact our Chicago law firm toll free at (312) 401-4445 for a free consultation.

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http://www.rickgrossman.com 866-942-8024 The attorneys at Steinberg, Burtker & Grossman practice exclusively in the area of personal injury litigation. For representation, contact the firm today in Chicago, Illinois.

Representative Cases

  • $8.3 Million to a tire serviceman who suffered brain damage and quadraparesis as a result of the explosion of a defective multi-piece rim.
  • $4.0 Million to the estate of a man who died after knee replacement surgery at Evanston Hospital.
  • $3.1 Million to the estate of a woman who died post child birth at the University of Chicago Hospital.
  • $2.2 Million to the estate of a woman that was killed in a roll over vehicle accident on the Kennedy Expressway.
  • $2.1 Million to the estate of a over medicated man who died at Rush University Medical Center.
  • $2.0 Million to a tuck pointer who fell from scaffolding.
  • $1.0 Million to the estate of an elderly woman who fell from her bed at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.
  • $1.0 Million to the estate of a woman killed by a City of Chicago fireman.
  • $1.0 Million to the estate of a single woman killed in an airplane crash.
  • $1.0 Million to the estate of a man who died in Loyola Hospital as a result of the mechanical failure of a respirator.
  • $1.0 Million for the death of a baby from delayed treatment at Roseland Community Hospital.
  • $800,000 to a man from undiagnosed carpel tunnel syndrome at Rush University Medical Center.
  • $750,000 to motorcyclist who sustained severe injuries to his leg when struck by a motor vehicle.

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