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Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago

Steinberg, Burtker & Grossman, our Chicago attorneys believe that practicing law is not just a job, it's a craft. Personal injury or nursing home abuse claims, especially tough ones, cannot simply be worked through. They must be thought through. Every element must be carefully considered. Strengths must be analyzed and weaknesses must be recognized. A strategic method must be employed medical malpractice attorneys at our Chicago law firm.

Method Makes the Difference

Method can make the difference between insufficient compensation and maximum compensation. Our method can make that difference. In fact, it has made that difference for injured people in Chicago for four decades, and it can make that difference for you.

Two Challenges: Liability and Damages

To understand the method our law firm employs in personal injury and wrongful death cases, it is important to understand the two separate but intertwined challenges we face in these cases: liability and damages.

  • Liability: In order to make a case a success, we must prove that an act of negligence took place. That act of negligence could be as simple as a driver running a red light or as complex as a company knowingly manufacturing a flawed product and putting it into the hands of consumers (product liability).
  • Damages: In addition to proving liability, we must prove that harm was suffered. That harm is not limited to the physical injuries and associated medical bills, but also covers lost wages and other costs. Then we must find a way to recover full compensation for damages.

Many other well know Chicago personal injury firms will only accept cases where the responsible party has admitted liability or fault. In effect the only issue is how much money they will get for the client. These are the easy cases where a win is a foregone conclusion. Unfortunately, most cases are not so simple and before a plaintiff is entitled to any money damages his or her attorneys must prove that the other party was at fault for causing the accident.

Does your Attorney Have the Financial Resources to Finance your Personal Injury or Product Liability Claim?

Although personal injury claims are handled on a contingent fee basis and you will not be charged a fee unless a recovery is had that is only part of the story. To effectively win a personal injury lawsuit your attorney must have the financial resources to pay for the court reporting, private investigator, expert witnesses, doctors, exhibits, travel, airfare and hotels. If your attorney lacks the financial resources to pay for these expenses - which can range from $5,000 to over $300,000 - your case may be compromised and lost.

Our Method: Look Beyond the Obvious

On the surface, a car accident may have been caused by a driver running a red light. The obvious action is to sue the negligent driver and get compensation from that driver's insurance company. But what if that driver doesn't have enough coverage to compensate for all the damages the victim suffered? Is the case over? Not when our lawyers are involved.

We always look beyond the obvious in personal injury cases. By looking a little closer, we frequently find that other parties were at fault. For example, the company that made the negligent driver's car maybe partially responsible because of defective brakes. Our law firm has the financial resources and the network of experts to draw from in order to get maximum compensation for you.

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About the Firm Chicago Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers

http://www.rickgrossman.com 866-942-8024 The attorneys at Steinberg, Burtker & Grossman practice exclusively in the area of personal injury litigation. For representation, contact the firm today in Chicago, Illinois.

Representative Cases

  • $8.3 Million to a tire serviceman who suffered brain damage and quadraparesis as a result of the explosion of a defective multi-piece rim.
  • $4.0 Million to the estate of a man who died after knee replacement surgery at Evanston Hospital.
  • $3.1 Million to the estate of a woman who died post child birth at the University of Chicago Hospital.
  • $2.2 Million to the estate of a woman that was killed in a roll over vehicle accident on the Kennedy Expressway.
  • $2.1 Million to the estate of a over medicated man who died at Rush University Medical Center.
  • $2.0 Million to a tuck pointer who fell from scaffolding.
  • $1.0 Million to the estate of an elderly woman who fell from her bed at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.
  • $1.0 Million to the estate of a woman killed by a City of Chicago fireman.
  • $1.0 Million to the estate of a single woman killed in an airplane crash.
  • $1.0 Million to the estate of a man who died in Loyola Hospital as a result of the mechanical failure of a respirator.
  • $1.0 Million for the death of a baby from delayed treatment at Roseland Community Hospital.
  • $800,000 to a man from undiagnosed carpel tunnel syndrome at Rush University Medical Center.
  • $750,000 to motorcyclist who sustained severe injuries to his leg when struck by a motor vehicle.

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